Crossview 3D

Following our continued obsession to expose the public to the very best in 3-D, this first-of-its-kind book teaches readers how to crossview a stereo pair, providing those who dare to try the holy grail of 3-D: great stereo images with no loss of color, and entirely viewer free. Crossviewing is not new, but very few people are aware of it outside the 3-D community.

But crossviewing is only the icing on the cake for this book. It showcases some of the best 3-D images ever created by an all-star cast of 3-D image makers: Achim Bahr, Robert Bloomberg, Oliver Dean, Abe Fagenson, Larry Ferguson, John Hart, Steve Hughes, David Kesner, Tom Koester, Claudia Kunin, David Kuntz, Franklin Londin, Jim Long, Greg Marshall, Phyllis Maslin, Jerry Oldaker, Abe Perlstein, Susan Pinsky, Barry Rothstein, Chris Schneberger, David Starkman, James Staub, Dale Walsh, Owen Western, Terry Wilson, and Ray Zone.

Barry Rothstein (ed.): Crossview 3-D, 3Ddigitalphoto 2009.